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Style,winter & In-between


During the last weekend, my mind was full of thoughts and concerns regarding the incoming Winter. Designing my strategy and the paths I should go through this winter in order to not get sick, to continue my daily routine without pneumonia and bone-crushing pains from the coldness.

Every year, during these days when the days are a bit windy and at night it becomes already cold I have this struggle again, so may some of you for sure say “what’s the issue? Put on another layer” “wear some heavy winter clothes”, “put a coat on!”

It isn't easy, mostly when you are in a wheelchair. to push yourself into a pile of clothes and then to fit in the chair, to stay stable. it includes maneuver skills, and it makes it complicated sometimes when the phone is ringing and you got or want to answer. And every morning, any day I wake up with the question of “May I dress up and look like a bear? or would I give up on some layers in order to feel comfortable and yes, that I would look good also?

So you probably will say that the health is way more important than how you look like.

People mostly tend to think that we, people with special needs do not care of how we look like and that fashion is not our top interest.

I would rather surprise you, but we do care, we care how we look like and what we wear.

Any human has the right to feel confident and happy with what he wears and it is not about a disability or not.

We have the right to feel comfortable, style exactly like any other person. Try to think about yourself walking in the street and feeling good with what you choose to put on that same morning, and no, we do not ask to wear style in order to get others to peek. Because between us, it does not matter what we will wear, the peeks will always be, so at least to be stylish.

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