Make a small change, Wear a BIG smile

Why Palta?

Palta logo-Avocado fruit in black and white colors with the word PALTA written under in very thin and lite lines

Palta was born in 2016 after personal injury of the Founder and CEO Shay Senior, with a purpose of reducing gaps between us, people through fashion.

In 2018 after 18 months of research in Palta, we understood unequivocal the importance of individuals worldwide to be independent in general and more specifically in Fashion. We have found the formula for providing useful solutions and creating a serious change.

We Create socially designed fashion solutions based on people with disabilities special needs understanding that solving individual problem effects directly his surroundings and to show the world how Accessibility and Fashion merge together. 

What Do We do?

We provide opportunities to people to be independent and choose their classy style, by serving people with disabilities, providing jobs and creating multipurpose designs based on one's special need.

Palta has a selection of retail items at a fair price. Customers support us for not only the personal benefit of lifestyle but to invest in our mission.

How You Are Involved?

We, Palta and our vigorous partners look at our Planet in every single chapter because we believe in a change and we know it can happen only together. Our goal is to spread the word and keep specializing our products according to the different needs and expectations and we could do it much better with few more hands and one more smile.

Make a small change, Wear a big smile